We provide experience based solutions for independent performance evaluations of surveillance systems for both civil and military organisations across the Asia Pacific region.
We are an Australian company which strives to achieve its core values of superior quality and customer satisfaction. Guided by these principles we have been able to successfully deliver value to the entire ASEAN region and become the preferred supplier for any surveillance needs for countries like Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia.
Being part of the multinational group named Intersoft Electronics; IE Asia Pacific has access to the most innovative and path breaking technology which is being developed in the field of aviation surveillance systems.
As a technical solution provider across the globe we have staffed our offices with some of the most skilled experts from the field of Radar installations, maintenance, and Radar performance evaluations.

IE Asia Pacific prides itself on working with great clients from all over the globe. As part of a multinational group, we have delivered projects across the world and continue to grow our footprint in the surveillance domain.

We believe the best solutions are based on actual customer needs. For that reason we have designed our products and services to be flexible and scalable as per our customer’s needs. Our offerings are inspired to be Unique, Compatible, Scalable and Reliable.

We pride ourselves for offering state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies, making sure that customers are provided with the most comprehensive solution that meets or exceeds their surveillance measurement, analysis and monitoring requirements.

A global engineering company with presence in four continents across the world. Intersoft Electronics is a renowned name in the field of aviation surveillance systems and Radar test and maintenance equipment.



  • IE-AP wins ACT Chief Minister Export Award for Small Business 4th time in a row
  • IE-AP begins the first year of service delivery for the Malaysian contract
  • 2016

  • First services contract to China completed and SMS sale to Malaysia in collaboration with OEM from Italy.
  • IE-AP wins ACT Chief Minister Export Award for Small Business 3rd time in a row
  • 2015

  • IE-AP Executes major subcontract with Airbus Defence & Space (Germany) to provide independent services and products
  • IE-AP wins ACT Chief Minister Export Award for Small Business
  • 2014

  • IEAP hosts members of the Indonesian Air Force in Canberra undergoing RASS training.
  • IE-AP wins ACT Chief Minister Export Award for Small Business
  • 2013

  • IE-AP delivers a major service offering to Malaysia (10 back-to-back PEs) across Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.
  • IE-AP wins ACT Chief Minister Export Award for Exporting to Asia.
  • 2012

    RAAF SMS delivered analysing and monitoring the performance of up to 40 surveillance sensors.


    IE-AP completes radar data format converter program to allow interfacing of new AsA radars into legacy Raytheon ATC system.


    IE-AP sells its first full RASS-S and RASS-R set to Indonesia.


  • IE Asia Pacific (IE-AP) is registered as an Australian company
  • IE-AP receives its first ever Purchase Order to conduct an independent analysis on the repair of an MSSR Antenna by the manufacturer.
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    Darren Gillam is the General Manager and a founding member of IE Asia Pacific.
    Darren is a firm believer in the need for independent subject matter expertise in the assurance of the performance of radar surveillance systems for the safety of the travelling public and surveillance detection for Air Defence of all sovereignties.



    Mike Martin is the Chief Engineer and a founding member of IE Asia Pacific.
    Mike believes in being customer focussed whilst providing safety assurance to the highest standards and innovative and future-proof solutions. Mike has dedicated his career to working within the military and civil surveillance domain.