Mike Martin


Mobile: +61 4 3737 7555
Direct: +61 2 6180 3102
Email: mike.martin@ie-asia-pacific.com

Chief Engineer

Mike Martin is the Chief Engineer and a founding member of IE Asia Pacific.
Mike believes in being customer focussed whilst providing safety assurance to the highest standards and innovative and future-proof solutions.
Mike has dedicated his career to working within the military and civil surveillance domain. On the 30-year career to date he has worked in all facets on this domain including, manufacture and design, installation and integration, optimisation and commissioning, maintenance and engineering upgrade, contract negotiation, project management and sustainment.
Mike has strategically planned his career; from learning his trade through a sponsorship program and was seconded to the South African Air Force to deploy and maintain military tactical radar systems; to developing his technical and management skills with Reutech in the delivery of a civilian Air Traffic Control radar system in Malaysia ; to completing his bachelor degree whilst working for the same company designing radar sub-systems for the South African Corvette program in Germany; to leading the Systems Engineering effort on a major radar replacement project for Airservices Australia. In addition, Mike has also worked on major projects around the world. This has provided him with a multicultural understanding across many areas of the world including Asia, Africa and Europe as well as volunteer work in northern Africa and the Middle East.
Mike has received numerous commendations over his career from customers, military commanders and corporate leaders. However, his greatest achievements include helping change the way in which ANSPs look at safety from a technical performance perspective and securing new opportunities for the company.
Mike holds various qualifications across Engineering and Project Management disciplines.