Intesoft Electronics

A global engineering company with operations in four continents spread out across the world. Intersoft Electronics NV (IE) started its activities as an engineering company in Belgium in 1983. Since then the company has experienced continuous growth which now results in a global presence including;

  • Inventive Electronics in the USA,
  • IE Asia-Pacific in Australia,
  • IE-China in China and
  • Intersoft Radar UK

Intersoft Electronics’ team of broad minded and forward thinking people create and deliver cutting edge solutions in the field of radar. Our scientists and engineers design and build radar analysis tools to enable our customers to reap the benefits afforded through their use.
Our field services personnel have experience in the use of our analysis tools across a wide variety of radar systems produced by many different manufacturers around the world. This experience enhances the quality of our services by bringing qualifications, knowledge and expertise in;

  • System concept, design and requirements generation,
  • Manufacture, installation, integration, and upgrad,e
  • Qualification testing, optimisation, commissioning, and maintenance, as well as
  • Contract negotiations and project management

This potent combination guarantees the availability of domain wide products and services for our customers.
Our mission is to be the recognised premier provider of radar quality control tools, software and related professional support services.
To achieve our mission we will maintain continuous product and service improvement through listening to our customers’ requirements as well as taking the lead on new technology advancements in RF design and signal processing.
We provide Radar Performance Evaluation Products and Services to Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) both Military and Civil.
Our Products and Services enable our customers to achieve comprehensive and reliable radar coverage enabling safer airways.