Our offerings are inspired to be Unique, Compatible, Scalable and Reliable.

Our offerings are unmatched in quality and capability. Our flagship products like RASS and SMS are the only ones in the market which provide comprehensive independent quantitative analysis for all types of customers looking to test the performance level of their surveillance system.

We understand the importance of independent performance analysis, and this effort has helped us design systems which are compatible with almost all surveillance systems (Radars, MLAT, ADS-B, etc.) from all manufactures. Our wide range compatibility to all types of system makes us the preferred solution provider across the world.

Another key contributor to comprehensive customisation is offered by the scalable nature of our offerings. Our solutions can be offered to customers with all kinds of requirements be it a small scale Radar testing solution or a large scale Radar installation program.

We understand the importance of reliability in our field of business. Our products are endorsed by international regulatory bodies like ICAO and EUROCONTROL and our services are delivered to major government agencies from around the world.
Check our projects page to know more about our current and previous projects delivered all over the world.

Our product suite is a state-of-the-art analysis tools that assist all our clients with performance evaluations and maintenance of their systems.

Our services package provides our clients with experienced consulting opportunities with our field and technical staff who will monitor and maintain the systems and even train our client’s staff.

We pride ourselves for offering state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies, making sure that customers are provided with the most comprehensive solution that meets or exceeds their surveillance measurement, analysis and monitoring requirements.

An integrated package of our products and services customised to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Developing the in-country capability of our client is the key motivation to develop this offering.