Our product suite is a state-of-the-art analysis tools that assist all our clients with performance evaluations and maintenance of their systems.

RASS – Radar Analysis and Support System
Whether you have a ‘legacy’ system or a Mode-S or 3D radar system, the RASS tool will suit your analysis requirements. Beyond radar, RASS can also be used to evaluate ADS-B and Multilateration Systems.
RASS is a suite of state-of-the-art analysis tools that assist ANSPs, Defence Agencies or Maintenance Repair Organisations to evaluate the performance state of a surveillance system against manufacturer’s specifications, contracted performance requirements or international regulatory requirements for safe air traffic management (e.g. ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organisation). RASS is a recognised evaluation tool used to analyse radar performance and is currently in use worldwide by leading industry organisations to verify radar performance against mandated standards (i.e. EUROCONTROL, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – NATO, United States Air Force – USAF and Federal Aviation Administration – FAA).

Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)
Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) is our unique, scalable and real-time analysis system which is used to analyse system performance from multiple surveillance sensors.
SMS has the capability to monitor PSR/SSR/Mode-S radars, ADS-B stations, MLAT systems, A-SMGCS data, ASDE-X data or system track data (for example ARTAS multi radar tracker).
In today’s world, data from various sensors is fused in complex ATM systems often masking under-performing sensors. At an ATC level, there is an increasing demand for early notification of sensor degradation in order to assure a Quality of Service (QoS) on the track output to the Controller Work Positions.
Civil and Military ANSP’s often share sensor data in or between countries, based on contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA). Therefore, it is essential to know the quality of sensor data meets the contractual requirements. The SMS monitors and reports the quality of these sensor data by standardizing measurement and analysis across multiple ATM platforms.