Our services are aimed at providing significant technical and commercial benefits to our clients. Our team at IE Asia Pacific has years of experience on various types of systems from around the world.
We pride ourselves in utilising this experience to provide unique services which are designed to add significant value to our clients around the world.

Engage our team of specialists to give you an independent and accurate system performance report. Our test routines will provide you with accurate component level information regarding the current performance level of your system.

We specialise in independently validating major Radar manufacturers and act as their on-field team to conduct Radar installation and set to work.

Our training programs are aimed at building in-country capability for our clients and ensuring that they continue to use our products and services with minimal dependency. We specialise in training on Radar Fundamentals and the use of our proprietary equipment.

Our clients understand the need for accurate and independent consulting and hence have been depending on IE Asia Pacific for all their surveillance consulting needs.