Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations are designed as an independent testing regime for all kinds of Radar systems commissioned around the world. A typical test would involve our technical team visiting the clients Radar sites and performing specific tests at a sub-system level to ascertain the exact performance level of the Radar system. The results of these tests are then delivered through a detailed report which outlines the performance state of the Radar and also provides recommendations for restoring system performance.

  • Monitoring performance trends helps our clients identify early signs of system degradation and prevent a complete system failure.
  • Performance Evaluation also helps in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL specifications
  • The entire Test routine is divided into three levels:

    Level 1

  • A RASS Level 1 evaluation provides a near real time monitoring of key radar quality parameters on a 24/7 basis.
  • Key performance parameters are monitored through trend analysis to ensure correct operation of a sensor.
  • These analyses are completed through the use of the RASS-R family of COTS products.
  • Level 2

  • A RASS Level 2 evaluation provides a detailed technical analysis of the performance of the individual sub- systems that comprise the radar system.
  • This analysis will result in definition of the sensors coverage capabilities and operational performance capabilities and/or limitations against established standards or requirements.
  • The level 2 evaluation is conducted using the RASS-S family of COTS hardware and software components.
  • Level 3

  • A RASS Level 3 evaluation can be a single or multiple series of special tests designed to assess a radar system at a deeper level than the tests conducted in a sensor baseline evaluation. These tests are typically conducted during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) or Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).
  • Level 3 evaluations are made using the RASS-S family of equipment as well as specialist COTS equipment such as the Radar Environment Simulator (RES) and Radar Target Generator (RTG).