Training and support programs for our clients are designed to impart knowledge based on the vast experience of our technical team. Our training programs are aimed at building in-country capability for our clients and ensuring that they continue to use our products and services with minimal dependency.
The training services we offer not only provide the relevant levels of expertise in the use of RASS, but also provide additional capabilities to enhance the radar principles knowledge of the engineer or technician in their analysis and interpretation of the RASS output.

RASS Training
  1. RASS-S Foundation
    • This provides basic module training on equipment (e.g. RFA641) where trainees are taught the functions of the equipment and the concepts of making measurements in a top down approach on a generic (conceptual) radar system
    • This training is supplied as part of your purchase of RASS-S.
  2. RASS-S Practitioner
    • Practitioner level training is where trainees are taught to apply RASS-S in a top down methodology on the customers own particular radar configuration. This provides the customer with the skills and knowledge of any special techniques necessary to successfully conduct Level 2 Performance Evaluations on their own radar systems. Trainees will also be required to demonstrate their ability to conduct a Level 2 Performance Evaluation, perform the analysis and generate a report.
  3. RASS-S Expert
    • This is the final level of training. This training is where trainees are taught how to develop test techniques using RASS-S, the RTG698 and the RES28x to provide complex analysis of radar systems. These students will then be able to apply the use of RASS-S, RTG698 and RES28x across any type or configuration of radar system.

Radar Fundamentals
Across the world, there is an acute shortage of resources that are trained and experienced in hands on work on PSR and SSR Radar systems. Through our Radar fundamentals training course we try and bridge that gap and equip technical staff to be proficient in Radar technology.