Value Proposition

We pride ourselves for offering state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies, making sure that customers are provided with the most comprehensive solution that meets or exceeds their surveillance measurement, analysis and monitoring requirements.

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Every installed Radar system faces system degradation due to component failures and environmental factors. Drop in system performance can be detected at a component level using our Performance Evaluation services. This manufacturer independent analysis produces a detailed report with a set of recommendations to restore system performance

Rich experience on various types of Radar systems help our field engineers to optimise the performance of all kinds of Radar including legacy systems.
Our clients utilise this experience and knowledge to rectify any ongoing problems identified in their Radar systems and get their system back to the desired working condition.

Benefits derived from an efficiently running Radar system. Hover on the image to read more.
An efficient running system can achieve a detection probability of almost 99%. This enables our clients to reduce horizontal/vertical separation minima in their airspace and hence increase airspace capacity.
A direct increase in flight capacity results in direct increase in revenue for our clients.
Regular testing and performance evaluation can guarantee a detection capability of close to 100%. This increased detection capability reduces the likely hood of violation of controlled airspace (VCA).
Our products and services also enable compliance to ICAO, EUROCONTROL standards.
Regular testing and maintenance of the system ensures minimal system outages due to component failures and degradation.
Maintenance activities are expedited as majority of Radar manufactures use RASS at the factory level.
Our training programs are developed by experienced experts and are aimed at knowledge transfer and skills development for our clients.
This transfer of critical analysis skills helps our clients to reduce their dependence on external suppliers and increase in-country capability of their field engineers and technicians.
Our unique products offer an independent platform to measure and analyse Radar systems from a majority of the Radar manufacturers. This enables our clients to use the same equipment across different platforms.
Additionally, acceptance testing of replacement systems is expedited due to standard testing procedures and equipment.
Our clients realise the importance of being recognised as an organisation which adheres to the best practises in the industry. Moreover, they have been able to see the tangible benefits of positive public perception derived out of the adoption of world class technology to ensure public safety in their airspace.